About our Name, Lindbergh High School

Lindbergh High School is named for aviator Charles A. Lindbergh. "Lindbergh High School was given its name by the school board after several discussions and suggestions. The community was involved with aviation, and Charles A. Lindbergh was symbolic of this. Also, his flight took place in 1927. The school, Lindbergh High , was opened to the public in 1972."

Charles Lindbergh died in 1974 at Hana, on the island of Maui, where the Lindberghs had maintained a home for several years. He was 72 years old and is best known for his solo flight, the first of its kind, across the Atlantic, from New York to Paris, in 1927. His trans-Atlantic flight lasted for three days in the Spirit of St. Louis.

Our mascot is the Eagle, as Charles Lindbergh was known as the "Lone Eagle."

Lindbergh Motto

Ad Astra 
"To the stars"

Lindbergh Alma Mater

Lindbergh Eagles, which fly so free
Our victory bell will ring so loud, so others know we're proud.
As days pass we will remember.
We will always be the Lindbergh Eagles,
Mighty Eagles,
Lindbergh High.

Lindbergh High School Fight Song

Go Eagles Go!
Fight Eagles Fight!
Go, Fight, Win Lindbergh Eagles!

Come on Eagles, fight for Lindbergh,
Lead us to a victory,
Come on Eagles, fight for Lindbergh,
Come on now, let's win.
If we fight, fight, fight,
We'll win tonight,
We can beat them, yes we can.

Come on Eagles, fight for Lindbergh.
Come on now, let's win.
If we fight, fight, fight,
We can win tonight
For the Red, White and Blue.

Did you know...

"Did you know that for the first two years after Lindbergh opened "On Wisconsin" was used, as it is in many other schools, as the fight song? Traditionally, the home team's band plays their rival's fight song. "On Wisconsin" was chosen because it is well-known. Bruce Beckwith, a graduate of Renton High School, was hired to write an original song for Lindbergh. Later, three Lindbergh graduates of 1977, Dawn Dean, Kathy Kellie and Barbie Renfrew, as sophomores, wrote the lyrics as a language arts assignment. The girls also wrote the lyrics to the Alma Mater, which was composed by Mr. Mike Johnson, a former band teacher here."

 The Lindbergh Bell

"The Lindbergh bell was given to the school by contributions of people in the community. Most of these people were members of the Lindbergh Booster Club, and each has his or her name inscribed on the bell. The cart to carry the bell was given by Boeing to the Boosters, who then contributed it to the school."




"I am the Eagle"

"Dave Danoith, Lindbergh graduate, painted the picture entitled "I Am the Eagle" which now hangs next to the main office."

Lindbergh's "Newcoming"

"For the first year, Lindbergh had only a junior varsity football team, because no seniors attended school here. A JV team was established and with hard work and effort, took first place in the league.

'We May Never Pass This Way Again' was the theme of Newcoming, the first homecoming at Lindbergh High School. It was called Newcoming because there was no one returning to crown the queen. Ms. Carol Murray, Washington House secretary, who was on the homecoming court at her high school, crowned Debbie Walker, making her the first homecoming queen in 1973."

Mementoes of "Lucky Lindy"

Souvenir articles which depict events commemorating the flight of Charles Lindbergh across the Atlantic are included in a display which hangs in the main office. The display was presented to Lindbergh High School on the 46th anniversary of Lindbergh's flight in 1973.





Community Donations of Memorabilia

My name is Jim Fuller. l am President of the Marymoore Model Flying Club in Redmond, Washington. I constructed this scale model of the “Spirit of St. Louis.” This is a 1/25th scale of the original plane.                   

I would like to also donate a book written by Charles Lindbergh in 1929 titled “We.”

Jim Fuller (sign at upper left within display case)

My name is Bert Goe. In 1929 I was in the Childrens Orthopedic Hospital in Seattle, Washington. I was seven years old. This was two years after Charles Lindbergh made the first solo flight from New York to Paris in 1927. He flew the “Spirit of St. Louis.” In 1927 he made a tour of the United States and visited the youngsters in the Orthopedic Hospital. That’s when he gave me a ceramic bust of himself. I have kept this for 72 years and would like to donate it to Lindbergh High School.

Bert Goe (sign on right)


Eagle on Display

In a display case across the lobby from the main office, you can see a stuffed eagle that has resided there since 1973. It was donated by the Woodland Park Zoo.

All quotes from:

Kathy Crabb and Denise Duncan, Authors
From "Astra" Vol. IV, No. 2, December 1980 (school newspaper)


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