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2023- 2024 School Year

Notice to middle school parents & students who attend High School Athletic events: Middle and high school sports are vital to the growth and development of all students, and participation in sports helps build self-esteem and creates memories that last a lifetime. We want all students and families to have positive experiences while attending sporting events at our schools and Renton Stadium.

Middle school students must pay the student price to enter high school events. Middle school students with ASB are not admitted for free.  Students will be expected to demonstrate positive fan behavior and sportsmanship. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Sitting in the bleachers for the duration of the game.
  • Using appropriate language and treating others with respect
  • Complying with direction from stadium and/or high school officials
  • School rules and behavior expectations apply to district athletic events and venues

Students who do not meet expectations of either the stadium or high school staff may be asked to leave the facility and staff will attempt to contact parents/guardians.  Students who violate school rules could potentially receive school discipline and be No-Trespassed by the Renton Police Department.

High School events such as football games at Renton Memorial Field are meant to be enjoyed by the entire community. Please attend these events with your student whenever possible, and when you cannot, review the expectations for their behavior ahead of time.

High School Sports Tickets

Prices below are regular season events. Post-season prices may vary.

At Renton School District home games, we are happy to accept all major credit cards and cash for admissions.

Ticket Type Price
Adults/Students without ASB $7.00
Visiting Students with ASB $5.00
Elementary/Middle School Students (K-8) $5.00
Home Students with ASB Free
Student with ASB / Seniors (65+) / Pre-K Free