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Applying to Four-year Colleges, Universities and Scholarships


Applying to Four-year Colleges, Universities,

and Scholarships

Help us help you be successful and meet deadlines!

Lindbergh’s School CEEB Code: 480985

 Transcripts: You are not allowed to download or print your own transcripts. Request transcripts well in advance of deadlines. You can send transcripts before your application is complete. Depending on the school, your counselor may upload a transcript for you (Common App, Coalition App and schools that use, or you may need to request to have a transcript sent to the school:

  • Unofficial transcripts: email your counselor to request a copy
  • Official transcripts: Submit a Transcript Request Form. These can be found on the Counseling Page of the Lindbergh High school website. 
  • Final transcripts: At the end of senior year, you will get a form to let LHS know where you want your final transcript sent. They are sent in early July after all final grades are posted.

How do I find my class rank and GPA? Go to Skyward, Click Gradebook, then the GPA/Class Rank tab. Washington high schools do not have weighted GPAs. If a college looks at weighted GPAs, they will recalculate yours, so you are not at a disadvantage.

Letters of Recommendation: First, find out if letters of recommendation are actually required. Then, ask the person you would like to write a letter of recommendation at least 3 weeks before the deadline. Provide them with the following information:

  • What the letter is for--name of college(s) or scholarship(s)
  • Deadline
  • How it should be submitted--by the student? to a portal? through the mail? If mail, provide a stamped envelope.
  • A copy of your Academic Resume.
  • A short summary of what you would like the writer to emphasize about you

Send a thank you note to people who take the time to write you a letter. 

Who do I list as my counselor?

Last Name



A - E


Wiam Humadi

F - L

Beth Lumsden

M- R

Corbin Sheffels

S- Z

Koy Saechao

 SAT, ACT, and AP Scores:  Most schools are test optional due to COVID.  If you do have scores that you want sent to schools, you need to visit the College Board (SAT, AP) or ACT.  Lindbergh High School cannot provide test scores to colleges.

Parents: Help your student make the transition to being more independent by letting them manage these tasks and deadlines.