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Have your registration paperwork with you

  • Type in your login
  • Type in your password
  • Click the Schedule tab on the left-hand side
  • On the top right of the screen it says, “course requests now open”.  Click into the hyperlink below that’s titled “view courses for 2020-2021”
  • The window called “Selected courses” to the right shows courses already added by the office
  • The window called “Available courses for 2020-2021” to the left shows courses you may select

To choose your Required and Elective courses (1st choices)

  • Use the search window at the bottom and type the course code of one of your choices
  • Hi-light the desired course (codes are alphabetically)
  • Click “Add Course” button
  • Continue adding courses until you have a full schedule

To Delete

  • Hi-light desired course
  • Click “Remove Course” button

To Input Alternatives (2nd Choice if 1st not available)

  • Click “Request Alternatives” Tab
  • Enter the course code at the bottom search window
  • Hi-light desired course
  • Click “Add course” button
  • You must pick a minimum of 6 alternates
  • Use the arrow icons to move you alternates in order of priority

To End Session

  • Click the “Printer” icon at the top right corner
  • Exit out of the screen and Student Access (this will save requests)