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In-Home Learning News

Course links + Contact info + Office Hours: UPDATED LINKS COMING SOON

In-Home Learning 

While schools are closed, Lindbergh High School would like to provide students with access to extended learning activities and helpful information about available resources. Staff members will upload learning activities for each subject area to Google/Canvas/OneNote classes every week by Friday. 

Students can access Google/Canvas/OneNote classes by logging in to their school Gmail and/or Outlook account through the RSD login portal. If any student is unable to access the provided resources, contact Elizabeth Dompier ASAP. 

It is important that students access their school Gmail and Outlook mail accounts each day for updates.  If they would prefer to only have to access one email account, the following links are videos explaining how to forward their Gmail to Outlook or Outlook to Gmail 

Forwarding Gmail to Outlook - Student 

Forwarding Outlook to Gmail - Student 

For other resources available families during this closure (such as meal information and childcare information) we encourage you to visit the Students & Families page

If your child receives special education services, a case manager will be contacting you to develop the Continuous Learning Plan (CLP).  Please refer to this Continuous Learning Plan for your child’s services and consult with the special education teacher, speech pathologist (SLP), occupational therapist (OT), and/or physical therapist (PT) for additional guidance.

SLP- Kit Nau

OT- Nicole Eisenhut

PT- Jennifer Thor