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We will be handing out lockers by request only this year.  Most years we have roughly 250 students get lockers, meaning the majority of students do not get lockers, so don’t feel obligated to get one.  If you choose to get a locker, here is the process.

Locker Process

If you would like a locker for the school year, here is the process.

  1. Complete the survey at the following link to pick your locker: Locker Sign Up 2023-24
  2. Buy a padlock from the ASB office for $7.00.  You may not use your own padlock.
  3. Put your stuff in your locker and lock it up.

That’s all there is to it!

Additional Information

  1. We will only be using top lockers in specific locations in the building.  Bottom lockers will be available by request only.
  2. You will need to purchase a padlock from ASB for $7.00.
  3. Why do you need a padlock?  The dial locks on the lockers are being removed, meaning padlocks are required.
  4. Can you use your personal padlock?  You may not use your personal lock.  You must purchase a lock from ASB if you want a locker.
  5. Why can’t you use your personal padlock?  We need to have access to the lockers since they are school district property.
  6. Do I have to get a locker? Lockers are optional.
  7. Why are the dials still on the lockers? The dials for the lockers are still on the lockers, but we have deactivated the locking mechanism on select lockers so you can use a padlock on them.

 What if I forget my combination?

  1. Do not forget your combination.  We do not know it and cannot give it to you.
  2. If you forget you combination, we will take the lock off and you will need to buy another lock if you want to keep your locker.

Here is the link to the survey: Locker Sign Up 2023-24