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Counseling Information

Counseling Services

Counselors are available to assist students in planning their education and making informed decisions regarding personal, educational and vocational needs. Students will make numerous decisions about their future. Resources offered through the Counseling and Career Centers are not meant to substitute good judgment, but rather to provide the necessary facts to consider while making those decisions. For assistance, please visit the Counseling and/or Career Center.

Counseling Office Staff:

  • Wiam Humadi (Counselor for Last Names A-E)
  • Beth Lumsden (Counselor for Last Names F-L)
  • Corbin Sheffels (Counselor for Last Names M-R)
  • Koy Saechao (Counselor for Last Names S-Z)
  • Nelly Moreno, Counseling Assistant
  • Ivery Rhodes, Career Center 


Students needing to arrive at school later than 7:20 or leave before 2:03 on a regular basis throughout the school year must apply for either a “Late Arrival” or an “Early Dismissal.” Students whose schedules include an early dismissal shall leave campus immediately after their last scheduled class. Early dismissal and late arrival times may be amended by administrative approval. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in disciplinary action and/or revocation of early dismissal or late arrival privileges. 


Students who would like to drop or add a class, or who require changes to meet graduation requirements should see their counselor as soon as possible to obtain the proper forms. Students needing a schedule change should sign up for an appointment to see their counselor.  


Students must get permission from the classroom teacher before going to the Counseling Center. During passing periods, students are required to check in with their teacher first. Students are responsible for signing in and out on the counseling log when they are there.  Students must present a signed pass upon their return to class or the absence will be recorded as unexcused. 

Graduation Requirements

Successful completion of the following is needed to be eligible for graduation within the Renton School District: 

  • Subject area and total credit requirements (see chart below)  
  • Required State Tests (see chart below)
  • or Pathway High School and Beyond Plan 20 hours of Community Service 

Total Credits Required by subject and number of credits: (1 credit = 2 trimesters of study) 

Minimum Credits Required for Graduation: 26.00 

* These credits vary by individual student 


Credits Required Area of Study
4.0 Language Arts (Reading, Writing & Communications) 
3.0 Mathematics
3.0 Social Studies
3.0 Science
1.0 Career and Technical Education/Consumer Education
2.0 Health and Fitness (0.5 Health Credit)
1.0 Career and Technical Education (CTE)
4.0 Electives
2.0 Any Subject or Additional Elective



  • World Language* 
  • Personal Pathway* 

*Varies Based on Pathway vs. Standard