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Renton School District Policies

Renton School District Policies and Procedures

All policies and procedures of the Renton School District may be found and accessed online. Please note that we provide annual notice regarding the policies and procedures listed below to all students and families. This document constitutes our annual notice, such that if you have additional concerns or need more information, you may access the most up-to-date information using the link above. 

  • Policy and Procedure 3205 – Sexual Harassment of Students Prohibited  
  • Policy and Procedure 3207 – Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying  
  • Policy and Procedure 3210 – Nondiscrimination and Harassment-Free Environment  
  • Policy and Procedure 3241 – Student Discipline
  • Policy and Procedure 4200 – Safe and Orderly Learning Environment  
  • Policy 4210 – Regulation of Dangerous Weapons on School Premises  
  • Policy 4215 – Use of Tobacco, Nicotine Products, and Delivery Devices
  • Instructional Technology Responsible Use Policy 

Renton School District Policy on Student Discipline (Student Conduct)

District Policy 3240 and Procedure 3240P establish Student Conduct Expectations and Reasonable Sanctions, and Policy 3241 and Procedure 3241P establish guidelines for Classroom Management, Discipline, and Corrective Action. In some circumstances, a student may be emergency expelled as a first response due to immediate and ongoing safety concerns related to the student’s behavior. Notification of law enforcement may also be considered in cases of exceptional misconduct.

Note: The administration reserves the right to issue consequences based on the severity of individual incidents.