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Student Fees

general Fees

Item Cost
ASB Sticker $30.00
Replacement ASB Card $5.00
Yearbook - Before Nov 1 $55.00
Yearbook - Nov 1 - Dec 31 $60.00
Yearbook - Jan 1 - Apr 7 $65.00
Yearbook - After Apr 7 $70.00
Parking Pass - Full Year $25.00
Parking Pass - Tri II and III $15.00
Parking Pass - Tri III $10.00

Athletic Fees

Athletic Participation Fees (for one school year)
Per Sport $75.00
Maximum per student $150.00
Maximum per family $225.00


Athletic Events (Admission to regular season games/meets)
Home Student (with ASB) Free
Student (w/o ASB) $7.00
Visiting Student (with ASB) $5.00

Buy an ASB Card!  It pays for itself in just 5 Home Games!

Other Information about Fees

  • Student fees are subject to change.
  • Fees can be paid online via the District's Online Payment System.
  • If you want to join a club or activity—you must buy an ASB card. 
  • Some classes have fees: Band, Orchestra and Choir Fees - $15 

Please do not let financial hardships keep you from getting involved or enjoying the high school experience. See an administrator or counselor to check if you qualify for assistance or reduced rates.