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LHS Basic School Supply List

Below we have provided a basic list of supplies often found to be helpful in high school. Students may have accumulated many items and will not need to purchase them new. Not every student will need every item. When school starts, individual teachers will let students know if there are specific items necessary to be successful in their classrooms.

  • Backpack
  • Binder - 1 ½” – Heavy Duty
  • College Ruled paper
  • Colored pencils (Box of 12)
  • Compass (blunt tip)
  • Composition Book (Science)
  • Dividers for binder (8-tab set)
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Erasers (Pink Erasers – 3 pack)
  • Graph paper (Quadrille 4x4 Spiral Notebook, 8"x10.5")
  • Highlighters (12 pens)
  • Index cards (100 ct. 3" X 5" White Ruled Index Cards)
  • Pencil pouch (w/ binder holes)
  • Pencils (#2 pencils- 12)
  • Pens (black – 12)
  • Ruler (12" Ruler, Beveled Edge)
  • Spiral Notebooks (7 3/4" x 5", 1 Subject Notebook)
  • TI 30 Calculator (Texas Instruments® TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator)
  • USB Storage Device (“flash drive”) – 2 GB minimum


This is a reminder that when school is out at 2:03, it is time to leave the building. The only reason students should be in the building after school is to serve detention, receive tutoring or participate in a club meeting. Any other students found in the building after school may be assigned detention.


Hours at Lindbergh: Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday.
Students who need to see the school nurse must check in with their teacher and obtain a pass before coming to the health room. During passing, students still need to go see their next period teacher and get a pass or they will not be allowed to come to the health room. YOU MUST HAVE A PASS TO COME TO THE HEALTH ROOM. THE ONLY EXCEPTION IS DURING YOUR LUNCH!


The library will now be open both lunches for students. Come to the library to do homework, check out books or work on projects.


The Nutrition Services department has launched a new texting program to better inform students of what's happening in the cafeteria. It will be used to highlight new menu items, share health messages, and promote contests in the cafeteria. It's an optional program. Text Lindbergh to: 425-320-3258 to join and be a part of the Healthy is Happy Team!


Do you enjoy taking pictures of your friends at sporting events? Or maybe you have summer pictures that you want in the yearbook? is the website for you! It’s simple! You can go online or get the app for your android or iPhone! All you do is upload pictures and tag them; just remember to find our school before uploading. Visit soon!


Are you missing, or never got, your ID/ASB card? See Ms. Cardenas in the ASB office before school, at lunch or after school.


Please remember that the pool building is off limits unless you are a paying customer or a working employee. This includes before school, during lunch and after school. Thank you.


If you have questions? Contact Ms. Cardenas at 425-204-3207.


We now have a card reader in the ASB office. Your options for paying for fines, fees and purchases include credit/debit cards, cash, checks or money orders. We must have the actual card (not just a number) and ID of the student or permission of the parent/guardian, in writing, to process payments using credit/debit cards on campus. The credit option is available during ASB Office hours or online anytime.


Remember, you must have a pass to be in the hallways any time other than passing period. If you are caught in the hallways during class time without a pass, you will be given a detention. Please make sure you are in class on time, and you remain there until dismissed by your teacher.


Students, if you would like to change your Skyward password, or you have forgotten what it is, see Ms. Olson in the Library, Mrs. Kouba in the Attendance Office or Mrs. Dompier in 300B. Please take care of this during your lunch or before/after school.


Registration hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Parents and/or guardians of students under the age of 18 have a right to review student records.  Students age 18 and older may review their own records.  If you would like to review records please contact us to schedule an appointment.   Appointments will be set within one school day.  Please be aware that any copying of records may require additional time and there may be a charge.


Detention lists are posted around the school, and will be updated once a week. Look for your student ID number to check if you have any open detentions that still need to be served. You have one week to serve detentions before you get assigned to Friday Morning School.


After-school tutorial will be held in the Library from 2:15 to 3:15 Monday through Thursday.  Need help with homework? Need to use computers? Come to the Library after school.


Students, you may only be in the Cafeteria, Commons or Library during lunch. You may not wander the halls or hang out by the mirrors. Lockers must be visited after lunch. Detentions will be given out. Please remain in the proper location to avoid receiving detentions.


You can buy your permit from  Ms. Cardenas in the ASB Office. Cost $10.00. Security will boot and ticket cars without permits!


Renton Youth Advocacy Center located at Tiffany Park is now open, Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. for homework help, mentoring and video games, community service. Hope to see you there!


You must present your current ASB card at the ticket table or pay the ticket price to get into any home sporting event. The ASB sticker must be on the card or you will need to pay the NON-ASB ticket price. Athletes should be bringing their ASB cards as well if they are coming through the front door. As always, you may only leave once. There is no re-entry once you have exited the gym.


Wear Your Eagle Pride! And Support Future Business Leaders of America! Letterman jackets show school spirit and keep you warm. Don’t have one? You are in luck! Lindbergh’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is earning funds to support our activities from the sale of each jacket. Design your jacket through and be wearing it in just a few weeks! See Mr. Braun in room 220C to try one on and then design your jacket online. Delivery is in three weeks. (Retail stores take 8+ weeks.)Twenty percent less than buying at retail stores!