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Principal's Message

Hello Eagle families, welcome to the 20-21 school year. I don’t have the words to share how excited I am to serve as building principal of Lindbergh High School. This is exactly where I want to be! 

I want to publicly state the LHS staff recognizes we are attempting to teach and learn in a new way while concurrently dealing with economic crisis, social unrest and a medical pandemic. Should you or your student need support or resources, please reach out to a counselor, a Home Room advisor, an administrator or another trusted adult in the building so we can align your need with district and community programs. 

While virtual school may not be how we wanted it to go, I’m confident the LHS instructors, supporting staff and administrators will give the best versions of themselves to support, challenge and encourage your student. 

To meet our goal of engaging all students and developing well-rounded members of our learning community and society we will: 

  • Create opportunity to build community within classes 
  • Find entry points for student voice and choice 
  • Provide opportunity for synchronous work (group interaction during zoom meetings) 
  • Provide opportunity for asynchronous work (independent work) 
  • Provide time for students to check in (instructional support/office hours) 
  • Build sustaining relationships in Home Room (students will be with their home room teacher all school year to provide a place of consistency for them) 

I look forward to challenging, pushing, supporting and stretching your students as they grow as learners and as people. The teachers and staff at Lindbergh High School are committed to delivering a rigorous instructional program while continuing to meet the needs of all students. These actions will put us in the best possible position to help our students have all the access and opportunity they need to pursue the post-secondary plan of their own design! 

Take care and be safe. 



Thomas Caudle