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Following a directive from Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, all Renton School District schools are closed beginning Monday, March 16 through Friday, April 24. 

In addition to the resources posted on this page, Renton School District educators and support staff are providing new grade-specific in-home learning materials on each school’s website. Students and families are encouraged to visit their school’s In-Home Learning webpage on Fridays for updated activities.

Here's where to find your school's in-home learning resources:

  • On the front page of Renton School District's website:
  • Click the button marked Select a School (in the top right corner of the page on desktop; top left on phone)
  • Select Your School in the drop-down menu
  • Hover over the tab For Families
  • Click In Home Learning

While the experience of classroom instruction cannot be replaced, school and district teachers and support staff are working to provide engaging in-home learning resources to support student learning.

Our middle and high school students are already able to access the materials being posted for in-home learning on their school-issued Chromebooks. In an effort to ensure elementary students have access, elementary principals sent this form to families earlier this week to allow families to request a Chromebook for temporary use at home.

NOTE: Because high school classrooms do not fall neatly into grade-level categories (as they are laid out on the webpages), high school teachers and support staff are working directly with students to provide in-home learning resources.



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